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Sound Therapy

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Amber is a trained holistic sound therapist (IPHM Qualified). Using singing bowls and other percussive instruments, Amber will create a bespoke meditation journey for you to experience. The sessions are designed to immerse you with the resonating sound all around you, this often creates a feeling of complete relaxation and regeneration. Benefits can include releasing emotion, improved sleep, clarity of mind, increased creativity, improved mood and more. If you're new to this please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss more via the contact page, or just give it a try!

When's The Next Group Session?

The next sound bath will be held at YogaSara on Friday 9th January, from 7.30pm. Tickets on Headfirst

Please get in touch anytime to express interest, or to book a 1-1 session with me in Bristol or Farnham.

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What is Sound Therapy? You may have heard of various sound healing modalities, using different instruments and approaches to provide holistic therapies. My practice involves playing my singing bowls and other instruments to create an immersive soundscape.

What is a Sound Bath? There are no actual baths involved, it is named so because you will be 'bathed' in sound, fully immersed by the relaxing and healing qualities of the sounds of my singing bowls. Often described as sound healing, these sessions give you the opportunity feel the healing benefits of sound immersion which can help you to heal yourself.


What can I expect in a session? Generally, I give group sound baths. In these sessions you are invited to lie down and create a comfortable resting place, but you are welcome to sit or move around if you feel inclined. I will then guide you towards a restful state with a spoken meditation, followed by the 'bath' which is the main section of the experience, during this time I play singing bowls, and sometimes chimes, drums, rattles and more depending on what I feel intuitively. I will guide you with my voice and explain the order of the session, and let you know when it is time for you to think about opening your eyes if you have them closed. 

Other options you can contact me about are 1 to 1 sessions, these give you a bespoke experience of even more intensely immersive healing. We can discuss your needs and plan a session to suit you, usually based in your home.

1 to 1 sessions can also include sound massage, the practice of placing the bowls directly on to the body and playing them. We can focus on specific areas or move them around. You will be able to feel the vibrations of them resonating with sound through your body.

(Locations usually limited to Bristol and sometimes Surrey)

What should I bring? A yoga mat, pillow or cushion, blanket, and warm, comfortable clothes including socks. (unless stated, my sessions don't usually include a mat or cushions so you will want to bring your own for a comfortable experience lying down). I mention socks and a blanket because if you are resting in a still position for around an hour, you will usually find your body temperature drops. Optional extras include an eye pillow, and anything else you find comfort with.

What might the session be like? Sessions are different every time, and different for everyone. Sometimes we struggle to fully relax, and though it may feel frustrating if you aren't able to 'let go' in the moment, you will often find there are benefits you may experience after the session like sleeping more soundly at night. I personally began learning sound healing because my first experience of a sound bath helped me access flow state and feel incredibly restful, yet energised and creative. People have reported seeing soothing colours and geometric patterns, gaining clarity on situations in their lives, experiencing emotional release and general feelings of relaxation. It is best to enter the session without big expectations, and a simple curiosity to see what comes up this time.

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