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Soul Food

An approximately monthly newsletter aimed at exploring

the notion of 'Soul Food' and answering the question: 

How can we find nourishment, joy, and satisfaction through a creative life?


I use the term Soul food, firstly to describe great food that nourishes the soul. Alternatively, it's any kind of nourishment we find to feed our souls. So that's the focus of this newsletter. I’ll look at well-being practices, good food, artistic endeavours, and connecting with nature. To me, they are enriching forms of soul food to be explored and experimented with. 

I also use this as an opportunity to talk about my creative journey, events I have coming up, and new things I've created. Each edition is roughly a 5 minute read and usually just once a month so I’ll never be clogging your inbox!


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I'm Having a Solo Show!

A quick one, announcing events I had coming up. Read time: 3mins

Sorry, this one doesn't have a recording, as it was sent out in a hurry!





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