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An original monotype print made by layering different techniques, 'Valencia Ghost Palm' is named such for its subtle image of a palm tree. 


Made during Amber's residency at The Valencia Print Workshop in February 2024 and exhibited at Making Home. This print was made as part of a project which highlighted the familiarity and comfort found when recognising the iconic palm tree, when travelling across different continents. 


The print will arrive unframed, it is a signed edition of 1, handprinted paper with raw torn edges.


This print combines monotype technique made by making an impression with pieces of palm tree found on location in Spain, and more painterly coloured elements. This artwork celebrates the beauty of Valencia's natural scenery. Layering historic and ramshackle buildings with warm, vibrant strokes of foliage and blue skies.


Approximate Dimensions: 12.5 x 16.5cm 

Valencia Ghost Palm

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