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'Star Chested Soul' is probably the most iconic piece of work in this collection, it has been displayed at Miami Art Week, as well as being a cornerstone of the 'Making Home' Solo Show in Bristol.


The figure depicted was inspired initially by a sculpture by F.E McWilliam, they have a sullen expression and hollow eyes. This soul is worn out, yet there is a glimmer of hope: the beam of light, a star within their chest. This inner light will be a guide for them to come back to themselves, gain strength and be vital once more. 


Approximate Dimensions: 45cm squared


Painted with acrylic, ink and oil pastel in vibrant tones, this piece has a raw and textured look. Its bold tones and contrasting crimson backdrop would be impactful in any space. The piece also draws inspiration from folk art and tales from the artists youth, evoking a figure with the energy of jack frost, mother nature, or a wandering spirit in need of some grounding.


Approximate Dimensions: 

Star Chested Soul

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