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The Palm Monotype Series is a captivating collection of black and white prints that capture the unique textures of the palm tree. Each print in this series was created by making impressions from different parts of the palm tree, including woven fronds and pieces of the trunk which have a coarse gauze-like texture.


The palm tree serves as a powerful symbol of familiarity throughout this project, making each print a reflection of the artist's personal connection to the natural world. This series was made at The Valencia Print Workshop in February 2024 and was exhibited at their Solo Show 'Making Home'. 


Each print is sold individually, and will arrive unframed. Please refer to picture two to ensure you have selected the print that you wish to purchase. Sizes are approximately A5, but may have discrepancies due to the nature of them being handmade.


Approximate Dimensions: from 15 x 21cm to 17 x 25 cm

Palm Monotype Series

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