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Introducing 'Essence of Palm', a unique collaged monotype created by Amber Bardell. This stunning piece was made from impressions of pieces of the trunk of a palm tree. The addition of painterly abstract brushstrokes adds a colorful, graphic element to the artwork, making it an impactful addition to any art collection.


With a mix of vibrant hues and contrasting grey tones, this artworks complexity provides endless interest. Essence of Palm is a one-of-a-kind piece that will make a bold statement in any space. This playful artwork captures the essence of nature and transforms it into a captivating and visually dynamic piece of art.


Made during Amber's residency at The Valencia Print Workshop in February 2024 and exhibited at Making Home. This print was made as part of a project which highlighted the familiarity and comfort found when recognising the iconic palm tree, when travelling across different continents. 


The print will arrive unframed, it is a signed edition of 1, handprinted on to thick Fabriano paper with raw deckled edges.


Approximate Dimensions: 19 x 28.5cm

Essence of Palm

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