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Amber Bardell is a multidisciplinary artist working predominantly with mixed media painting in Bristol, UK. Their work consistently draws inspiration from the natural world, exploring intuitive dreamscapes. Bardell’s multimedia practice also spans ceramics, murals, animation, film, soundscapes and is driven forward by an interdisciplinary approach.

Former Director of volunteer run, international art collective !GWAK, Bardell has guided emerging creatives to collaborate with one another, hosted events and more. Bardell graduated from Contemporary Media Practice (BA) at The University of Westminster in 2021. Their ongoing creative practice is heavily linked to following the joyful, expressive energy that comes from making for exploration or cathartic release. They are constantly responding to the ever-changing world with visual art and encouraging others to do the same.

Bardell continues to explore the notion of nourishment, looking into how the arts can relate to well-being on a personal and community level. They also work as a trained holistic sound therapist, creating guided meditation experiences often referred to as Sound Baths. Check out their newsletter 'Soul Food' for notes on creativity as nourishment, and updates on available work and events. 

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